We support more than 260 people with learning disabilities in their own home and through day opportunities. We are supporting them thanks to a total of more than 290 staff.

The quality of our services is very important to us and we take great care in making sure the people we support are able to have a say in the quality of the service they receive. We understand that the quality of our services depends on our support workers, that is why we put time and effort into the recruitment of our staff and the training we provide to them.

We developed our own training centre through Coventry Training Consortium in 2003 which allows us to provide our support workers with the essential support and high standard of training needed. Some of the mandatory training completed by our carers includes: Care Certificate for all new starters First Aid, Equality & Diversity, Moving & Handling, Person-Centred Planning, Food Hygiene, Fire Safety Awareness, Medication and Safeguarding Adults. Some support workers will go on to receive training in specific areas of expertise depending on the citizens they support.

Training our staff is one of the key areas to creating a motivated, quality staff team.

Support workers are trained in our Person-Centred approach and understand that a PCP approach is vital in underpinning the support they give to the citizens. In order to maintain a high level of support it is important we undertake internal audits as well as collating the feedback of relatives, citizens, staff and external stakeholders.

Of course, we are regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Local Authority but, we also make sure to check and inspect our services ourselves. Our citizens themselves have a role in evaluating our services. They are what we call the Quality Checkers.

Who are the Quality Checkers?

The Quality Checkers are a team of Life Path Citizens who are in receipt of the support Life Path delivers and therefore know exactly what good quality support should look like. They are experts on how support should be because they have first hand experience of supported living, and of finding out how well supported living is working for people with learning disabilities.

Why do they check our services?

The Quality Checkers inspect and evaluate our Supported Living Services, Day Opportunities and Short Break Services. They help to make sure that the citizens living in their own homes with support, are living happy and fulfilled lives. The Quality Checkers check to make sure that our citizens are engaged within their community, have access to families and friends and receive the appropriate health support when necessary and above all are treated with respect and dignity.

How do you check the services?

• By sending a questionnaire
• Visiting the citizens in their own home, at Short Break or during their Day Opportunities
• Speaking to them on the phone
• Meeting them one to one
• Talking to someone who knows them well
• By inviting them to a group meeting

When and where?

Visits are completed across all of the Life Path services. The visits are planned a year in advance in order to ensure citizens are fully engaged throughout the process.

How to arrange a visit?

You can contact us directly or fill in the following form. Once you have contacted us we will start the process of putting together a visit.

Are you looking for Quality Checkers to evaluate your services?

We can help you with that. We can check your services and produce a detailed report to you in an easy read document for the citizens you support.

How to contact us?

You can contact Ann Smith - Service Auditor and Quality Checker Coordinator directly on:
02476 455419 or email on: ann.smith@life-path.org.uk