Between November 2011 and October 2018 Life Path Trust has used the quality assurance system PQASSO as a bench mark for continuous improvement in the way we run the organisation. PQASSO stands for Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations.

It is a quality assurance system that helps management to run an organisation effectively and efficiently. It is focused on the Voluntary Sector and awarded by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

To be awarded PQASSO organisations are required to take a systematic look at what they do against a defined standard and to decide exactly where improvements are needed. Life Path is currently revising and reviewing our areas of work to enable Life Path to be reassessed against a new standard.

We have been taking a break since the standard was revised and our previous award expired in October 2018. Under the leadership of our new CEO, with our refreshed brand and building on our good practice we will soon be ready for reassessment against the new PQASSO standard which covers the following areas: Governance, Planning, Leadership and Management, Person Centred services, Managing People, Learning and Development, Managing Money and Resources effectively, External Communications and working with others. We are really looking forward to our reassessment and wearing the PQASSO award with pride.