Support for learning

Here at Life Path Support to Learn is an important part of all of our services including Day Opportunities and Support to Work opportunities.

Our day opportunities teams are in contact with educational services such as Coventry City Council Active Learning to support citizens to attend a range of training courses which build on work skills (crafts and textiles, catering, customer service administration, horticulture, skills for work) and independent living skills, cooking, arts and crafts, fitness, gardening, IT, languages, music and performing arts.  

We always encourage the people we support to enter into a course to develop new skills, meet new people and become more independent.

Wherever possible, as part of our Person Centred approach, Life Path teams will support a Citizen to attend education courses at college to obtain a qualification.  Citizens being supported through ConnectMe and Accelerate services will have a bespoke learning plan put together by our team. This can include attending courses run by Coventry Training Consortium

How to access this service?

If you are interested in obtaining Support to Learn or Support to Work please contact Louise Fellows or Amanda Higgins.

Louise Fellows - Community Manager: 02476 547817 -

Amanda Higgins - Work Placement Officer: 02476 650530 -