People with Learning Disabilities live their lives to the full


To provide the best support and services to enable people to be Valued, to Develop and Achieve


• Choice

• Rights

• Inclusion

• Opportunity

• Independence

• Responsibility


To have a choice in:

• How you live your life

• Where you live

• Where you work

• What you do in your leisure time


To have a right to:

• Make decisions about living your life

• Live the life you want to

• Have a home of your own

• Support to achieve your ambitions

• Be recognised and valued as yourself


• To be able to (with support if needed)

• Be involved in decisions about your life

• Have a voice

• Have your views and ideas listened to

• Participate in your local community


To be given a chance to:

• Develop your own path in life

• Undertake lifelong learning

• Achieve qualifications

• Have a job and be paid for working

• Follow interests of your choice


To be able to:

• Look after yourself as much as you can

• Make your own decisions

• Be supported where necessary

• Be safe and maintain wellbeing

• Understand and accept rights and responsibilities which maintain independence


• To understand that:

• All the above carry responsibilities

• You need to understand those responsibilities

•You may need support to understand those responsibilities