Support to work

Having a learning disability, shouldn’t keep people away from work or volunteering opportunities. We believe that being part of a project increases confidence and develops skills. It doesn’t only give people the chance to earn some money, or to be more independent, but it also gives them the chance to be proud of their achievements!

Is the service just about people with learning disabilities finding a job?

We do much more. We provide support to adults with learning disabilities with training, job research and finding voluntary positions. Getting a job might be the ultimate goal, but the journey is as important. There are many things that a person might gain from the experience:

• To build confidence and support independence

• To develop skills

• To understand their chosen career

• To gain skills needed to travel to and from interviews

• To find voluntary placements, opportunities and work

How do you support people?

We give one to one support to the people who use our service - Support to Work. Initially they will be given a full assessment, then through action planning together with our Life Path Work Placement Officer, their targets and goals will be broken down into manageable steps towards training/employment.
Depending on a person’s needs, we would offer the following possibilities:

• Full assessment

• One to one support and coaching or group sessions training

• Assisting with CV writing

• Support to Learn new skills

• Preparing for and supporting in interviews

• Support with work experience and helping finding placements/voluntary positions

Do you have a specific programme?

We do work with two specifically funded programmes: Accelerate and ConnectMe that support people with learning disabilities to work, learn and train. We provide one to one support to concentrate on specific goals. Accelerate is more focused on the development of micro enterprises, while ConnectMe will coach and support people through a mapped out route.

Does Life Path Trust employ people with learning disabilities?

We have two subsidiary companies created to support people to work. The two social enterprises are Four Seasons and the Kings Hill Plant Nursery which help people in developing skills in the catering and the gardening industries respectively.

How do you access this service?

If you are interested please fill in the enquiry form below or contact Louise Fellows, our Community Manager on 02476 547817 or email You will be contacted to discuss your requirements and we can also provide advice on fees, funding and availability.