This section is to help you to understand how you can start accessing Life Path’s Services.

You might want to find out more about the services and whether they meet what you are looking for.Here at Life Path we are happy for you to make an enquiry and our managers can advise on the next steps.

How do I get my service from Life Path Trust paid for?

There are 2 possibilities: you can be self-funding or get some funding from the local authority.

How can I find out how much funding support I might be entitled to?

Before to do anything else you need to contact the local authority and request for an assessment:
Coventry City Council Oxfordshire County Council

Step 1 - Assessment:
The assessment will be done by a Social Worker, a Care Manager or a Reviewing Officer who will collect information from you to enable them understand your needs, wellbeing and what goals you want to achieve.

Step 2 - Eligibility:
Following the assessment your local authority must decide if your needs are eligible for care and support. Under the Care Act 2014 all local authorities have to follow a set of criteria to decide who is entitled to support. They will look at these set criteria to make their decision.

Step 3 - Funding:
If you are eligible, they will work out how much financial support you will get from the local authority. In agreeing the funding for your support, the local authority will then advise you on how your support can be paid for. It might be that the local authority pays the provider such as Life Path to deliver your support plan or you might have a direct payment allocated to you for you to manage and build your own support plan.

Step 4 - Support Planning:
The local authority will put all your assessed needs into a Care and Support Plan for which they will need your permission to share the information with Life Path if we are your chosen provider.
You will have a support plan which is individual to your needs and your goals. You can work with your Social Worker, your Support Provider such as Life Path and you can involve other people if you want to.

So what happens when I have my funding agreed and Life Path becomes my chosen provider?

We offer different services at Life Path Trust depending on your requirements. We are happy to advise over the phone and then meet up with you to find out what services we might be able to offer to you.

Support at home - Supported Living Service

Our experienced managers will liaise with you and your Social Worker along with anyone else you want involved. We will look at your needs and look for availability in Life Path for suitable accommodation and support staff to meet your support plan. We will then support you to go and have a look at the property. We will then carry on working with you and anyone else who you want to be involved to make sure that you have the right support package set up to meet your needs and to support you to live independently.

For more information about this service, please contact Elaine Skillern, our Director of Operations on 02476 555830 or email

Community Opportunities. Support to Live Life, Support to Learn, Support for Work.

We will receive a referral from your family, friends or Social Worker . This can be before you have your funding sorted out or when you know how the service is going to be paid for. Once you have decided what you might like to do and what meets your needs and interests we will arrange a trial period to try out the service.

If you like the service, we will then need to look with you at how the service is paid for.
For more information about the service, please contact Louise Fellows, our experienced Community Manager on 02476 547817 or email

Short Breaks. Support to Live Life.

Once we have received a referral, our experienced manager will work with you and your family to plan the break that you want. This will include length of stay, activities and how you want to be supported during your stay. We also offer taster stays to enable you and your family to try the service to see if it meets your needs and requirements.

If you are interested please contact Angelie Rankine, our Short Break Service Manager on 02476 555830 or email