The standby and call out service offers a safety net and reassurance for people living on their own or when support staff are not working with them.

Call out staff are just a phone call away. When we receive a call a trained member of staff will be ready to respond with telephone support or if necessary will come out. Our call out service aims to be with someone within 30 minutes of the call, so it will not replace 999, but can ensure help is on hand when needed.

In addition to the telephone there is a simple system that makes use of new technology. By having a system installed, staff help can be summoned, by pressing a panic button or by a range of sensors which will tell call out staff if someone has had an epileptic episode, flooded the kitchen, burnt their toast or fallen over.

Standby and call out are cost effective ways of ensuring that support is on hand if and when it is needed.

This information is available as a printed leaflet by clicking on the document below.