Employing staff is not an easy task. There is so much employment law to comply with and then there is payroll on top. Life Path Trust is an employer and can help people ensure that they meet their employment obligations, by helping people find the right policies and procedures that comply with the law. We can also help with Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS).  DBS checks were previously known as CRB checks.

Payroll is one of the tasks that for the small employer can be daunting. We can offer to prepare payslips with the correct tax and National Insurance deductions. We also have an automated time recording system that people can use instead of paper timesheets, which is not only easier but also more accurate.

Keeping accounts is not every ones idea of fun. It is too easy to put the receipts in a file and prepare the accounts later. However when it comes to preparing the accounts very little makes sense and it just takes so long. We can offer a service, which will keep your accounts and if you wish we can even manage the bank account and make payments for you.

All these services take the stress and strain out of the administration.

This information is available as a printed leaflet by clicking on the document below.