Our Reports

Life Path's own reports and studies are available in this section for information.


Value Based Recruitment

Using a values based recruitment process can have a positive impact on the staff joining an organisation. This report shows Life Path Trusts experience.



Martyn Fisher and the "Cancer" word

Martyn's story about his diagnosis of cancer and the support he received from family, friends, support staff and professionals



A story of Micro- Enterprise

This is the story of how Sam started his own business "Sam's Snappy Snacks".


Flying the nest

How Tom, a young man with a severe learning disability and autism was supported to set up his own home.


Ruth's Story

A journey into the life of Ruth Morris and how she was supported to cope with Dementia until her passing in August 2014.


Sandra's Visit to Hospital

Supporting a citizen on visiting the hospital.  Sandra's journey of facing her fear and the support she received to do this. Making a book with her of the experience is hoped to make the experience a more positive one.


Working Together for Change

Working together for change is a citizen led change in Life Path Trust.

The way person centered planning information is used to help plan what the services that are commissioned should look like is described in this booklet.


Community Building Booklet

This booklet reflects some of the work being done to help our citizens to become a part of their community.


Families & Advocates Person Centered Planning Information Event

Here is some feedback on the event day that was held on 8th December 2011 at the Queen's Road Baptist Church in Coventry.


Person Centered Planning Survey

This PCP survey is of the stakeholders involved in the service provided for Coventry City Council.


Outcome Star Assessment Research Review

This research review is following on from the Outcome Star Assessment Review carried out in 2010.  The report shows the actions taken since 2010.


Working Together for Change

Working together for change is a way of using person centered planning information to help plan what services that are commissioned should look like. In Life Path Trust we have taken the process that has been developed by Department of Health [2009] during the Putting People First program and applied it to gather information for our own strategic planning.


Outcome Star Assessment Review 

The Outcome Star assessment tool was developed by Life Path Trust in 2008 as a tool to help review and record how life has changed for individuals that are supported by the charity. The star has five points which are the five key areas that have been identified by government; these areas are very broad so each one is broken down into small areas of an individual’s life.


Moving on Report 2009-2010

During 2009, Life Path Trust provided support for 30 people with a learning disability to move from shared living into living in their own flats where they either live on their own or share with one other person.


Assistive Technology Review

In August we completed some research into the impact of assistive technology and its benefits for people with a learning disability who are supported by Life Path Trust as well as looking at the organisational benefits.  The three case studies show how IT technology can help change peoples lives and the cost benefits are clear..