Our Committees

Below is a list of our Committees.  Each Committee consists of at least 1 or 2 Board members, along with senior management staff in attendance. 


Finance Committee

To oversee and monitor the financial policies, procedures and effectiveness of the organisation making recommendations to the Board where necessary.

This Finance Committee meets quarterly

The Committee Remit can be viewed here.



Human Resources 

The purpose of the Human Resources agenda is to discuss staffing matters,

The Human Resources Committee meetings to be held on a quarterly basis.

The Human Resources Committee Remit can be viewed here.   

  Health and Safety Committee The Health and Safety agenda is to discuss all aspects of health and safety across all areas of Life Path.

The Health and Safety Committee meets on a quarterly basis

The Health and Safety Committee remit can be viewed here.


Strategy Committee

Life Path's strategy for the future and governance matters

This committee meets two - three times a year or as required

The Committee Remit can be viewed here.





We also monitor quality through various reporting:


Quality of Service Monitoring Reports

To monitor the quality of service delivered by Life Path to the citizens.  This includes an audit of the quality of service against quality standards and external compliance requirements with user and carer involvment.

The  Quality Checkers are citizens going in to inspect the services from their viewpoint and produce reports with their findings.

The Quality Checkers Inspection reports are on the Board of Trustees agenda and are reviewed at every Board meeting.