Our Citizens

 This section is about our Citizen involvement in the decision making process at Life Path Trust.

Citizen's Board 

  • The Citizens Representatives meetings (Feb 2005 - Jan 2012) used to meet three times a year.  This has now been replaced with the new Citizens Board which started in October  2012.
  • The minutes to the Citizen Board meetings are available upon request.
  • The last Citizen Board Meeting was on Monday, 14th March 2016.
  • The next meeting is scheduled for : Tuesday, 14th June 2016.

Quality Checkers

  • The Quality Checkers are a team of people with learning disabilities who want to make improvements for the people who live in their own home with support.
  • The visits are planned with the citizens being visited, prepared for by a team of Quality Checkers and their supporters.  The visit is then documented, with Actions if necessary and reports are sent to the Board of Trustees.  Follow up visits are planned where applicable. 
  • The team has successfully completed numerous visits which they enjoy and more quality checkers are being sought to expand this valuable service, unique to Life Path Trust.