Day Opportunities

People with a learning disability have the same aspirations as you or I. During the days many people aspire to having a job and working. For some this can be a reality but for others it may be more difficult. Life Path Trust aims to offer people who cannot work a range of day opportunities.

Our staff support individuals with day opportunities through a person centred approach working out what activities individuals would like in the community and linking up with others with the same interest on a day by day basis.

With staff support small groups of people share activities such as cinema and live shows, bowling, visiting places of interest or just sharing a cup of coffee or a look around the shops.

We also support people to run their own club, which has 2 Jet Ski's and go out regularly during the summer to Kingsbury and Billing. The club also arranges social evenings and events for those that are interested.

All support staff are trained through accredited awards such as the Learning Disability Qualification and are DBS checked.


This information is available as a printed leaflets by clicking on the documents below.