Easy Read

We have something to shout about!

Life Path is setting a standard on producing documents in Easy Read.

Why Easy Read?

The purpose of this is to make all our information easier to read and understand to everyone. Making it more accessible to people with learning disabilities and/or communication problems.

Who is involved?

All staff, Trustees and Trainers are being encouraged to use the same format across the organisation so everyone contributes to making a difference in sharing information.

The pictures used are from the Valuing People Clip Art service and training has been provided by Inspired Services to staff.

We have produced a simple booklet to help people to start thinking about how they produce documents in easy read. Click here for the Guidelines.

We also have a new document called The Book of Definitions.  This Book has definitions of words that we use a lot in Life Path Trust and the pictures we will use with them

in easy read documents.  You can use the pictures in this book to make your documents easy read.  (Click here for the Book of Definitions)

Any suggestions to make information easier to understand are welcome by Life Path Trust.