Chairman's Announcement

Gary Bye, who has been the Chief Executive of Life Path Trust for the last 17 years, passed away suddenly on Sunday 3rd September 2017.  Our thoughts are with his wife and family at this very difficult time.

Gary was passionate about the values of Life Path Trust and about our work to ensure our citizens could live their lives to the full and incorporated this in all that he did.  He was instrumental in many initiatives at Life Path including inspirational Annual General Meetings, extending the support of Life Path to citizens in Oxford, implementing a person centred style for planning for our citizens and more recently a value based approach for recruitment.

Representatives of Life Path and Newpath Ventures will be attending the funeral to show support for the family and to pay their respects on behalf of the whole of the staff teams of both companies.  At a later date a special celebration of Gary’s life will be arranged for trustees, staff, citizens, members of Life Path Trust and members of Gary’s family, to attend.

As Chairman of the Board of Trustees I can say that all the Trustees are deeply shocked at this time but they will give every support necessary to the senior staff to ensure that Life Path and Newpath Ventures can continue to provide the fantastic support that our citizens deserve. 

In due course the Board will need to consider a new leader for the organisation however in the interim Kay Sumner has been appointed as the interim Chief Executive and as chair I will be liaising with Kay on a regular basis during this difficult time.

It is for us to ensure that Gary’s legacy is a thriving and colourful and fun loving organisation that enables citizens to feel valued and achieve their dreams.

Edward Lamb


7th September 2017